Disposable wipes are available in different designs and materials in order to meet the specific demands of this fast-growing market. Some end-users prefer the dry option, where they themselves mix the correct water and soap/shampoo. Others prefer the wet wipes which are ready-to-use. Another option is to use the wipes which are made out of an Airlaid material which satisfy some customers’ demands for a macerator-friendly solution for after-use handling.

Curas is offering its customers and end-users a sophisticated product range where each specific demand is met with a product design that matches the profile. The various options ranges in size, thickness, softness, cost and packaging; and in all the selection offered meets even the most demanding request.

A keen factor is cost: Curas Wipes offer end-users, customers and large healthcare providers a prominent range at guaranteed cost-effective cost. We welcome your enquiry into our product solution