Management Principle

Curas carefully follows our five (5) management principles:

i: Build Genuine Partnerships:
Through our brand Curas; we will build long-term attractive commercial partnerships primarily with distributors & manufacturers of healthcare products. Contrary to most commercial relationship, the advantages of the Curas partnership shall be felt equally whether you are a manufacturer of medical devices or a distributor of medical devices.

ii: Apply Combined Strength:
We work with some of the most resourceful companies and individual human beings in the industry. It is our duty to apply their drive and commitment into the Curas brand and business, thus significantly increase the combined strength and attractiveness of our products and services, known through the brand. We will focus on areas where partners need our contribution and where the Curas benefit is obvious and simple to realize.

iii: Do Not Waste Resources:
We need to keep our polluting activities to a minimum; in particular we are very concerned about businesses’ CO2 burn rate. We must, every day, select ways to reduce our global emissions, and in order to hold us to account we are committed to make public our negative transportation impact. We will actively select sea-freight over air-freight, economy-class flying over first-class flying and fuel efficient cars over gas guzzlers.
Our environmental impact will be reported upon.

iv: Drive Commercial Innovation:
Most innovation today is driven by people who dare to think 'out of the box'. Curas management always challenge yesterday's logic by promoting tomorrow’s solutions.
We do not need to be unique in all we do. But in our key areas; we need to provide advantages over what we replace. We shall focus our attention on our partners because they often know best. By understanding their local situation, we can better deliver the service or product that makes a difference.

v: Offer Choice
No one likes to be dictated a certain answer, service, product or lifestyle.
We do not believe in applying restrictions, hidden demands, unfair policies or reducing choice in any way or form. Instead we believe in giving our partners, associates and customers the free choice of Curas over anything else you could alternatively use. Your free choice is instead our daily motivation. We wish to be selected by you in a free and informed understanding of Curas, and we hope that your preference of Curas will continue to increase.
The choice is, rightly, yours.