The market for healthcare products and services involves the most critical of performances; the protection of human life and well being. Obviously, our customers are not tolerant of poor quality, and that is the way it should be.

Unfortunately, from time to time, unsafe products do enter the market place and supply chain system; whereby both patients and professionals are exposed and violated. These events are rare but potentially very damaging to those involved and exposed.

Curas is very clear about the responsibilities involved in our activities: We go to great lengths to ensuring that products and services are tested, reliable and as intended. Together with our manufacturing sites and distribution partners we control the flow of tested and trusted products, and are able and ready to handle adverse events and even physical recalls if necessary.

Together with our partners we ensure high quality and safe use. You should expect nothing less.

Mission Statement

Curas has the following Quality Mission Statement:

It is the duty of Curas to ensure that compromised and unsafe products do not enter our brand as they can cause serious harm and suffering to our customers.

We strive to provide an ever increasing leadership role in Quality affairs. Part of our core business is a clear commitment to quality of products, quality of information and quality of training and advice.

Certificates & Documentation

Curas provides our partners and customers with the necessary certificates and documentation, upon request.

Please contact Curas and request that we send you the information you may need.

In order to control the product development, production and logistical distribution processes involved in the medical devices and supplies industries; Curas operates based on the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, and is annually audited by the German institute for Quality Control namely DQS GmbH, D-60433 Frankfurt am Main.

EAR - CE Representation

In line with the growing role of Curas; we have taken the logical step to include EAR (European Authorized Representative) services to those of our manufacturing partners who wish to take advantage of this.

Before entering the EAR position; Curas will carefully scrutinize the CE wise profile of both product and manufacturer in order to secure that the European customers is provided with the best possible information.

The EAR responsibilities are carried out in co-operation with the UK Competent Authorities in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC where Curas is to perform all duties and responsibilities as the Authorized Representative for the said non-European based manufacturer.

Curas welcomes manufactures to benefit from our competitive and competent EAR services.