By great commitment and outstanding service by the branding company Dueholm & Kilstrup in Denmark, Curas has now finalized the design and co-operate communication tools necessary.

The objective given to Dueholm & Kilstrup was to give us a branding platform that would attract positive attention by end-users and provide support by our partners. At Curas we appreciate the extraordinary effort undertaken by Mr. Rune Dueholm to bring us through this process and we wish to express our delight over the results you have achieved for us.

Following the application by Curas Ltd., aiming at opening a Representative Office in Penang, Malaysia, came the positive confirmation by MIDA; the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority on April 7 2006.

Prior to the filing of the application, Curas Ltd. has been in close contact with the MIDA office in London and we would like to express our gratitude to this branch of MIDA, who have assisted us in a very professional manner.

A special thank-you goes to the head of the London office Mr. C. Mathialakan (director), who has had an integral role in the successful application.