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Lemon Glycerine Swabsticks is an oral hygiene product designed to soothe and refresh dry mouth of patients, particularly patients who suffer from parched lips due to restricted oral intake. This product has a lemon flavour in the swab to provide citrus taste which helps in relieving dry mouth of patients and also stimulating patients’ taste buds for saliva production. The glycerine also helps in lubricating dry mouths and stimulate salivary glands. The product comes with cotton tip which makes application convenient and comfortable when it is introduced into the mouth. In addition, the product is also sugar-free which is an ideal solution to mouth hygiene and also diabetic patients. Three single-use swabsticks are packed in each aluminum pouch to ensure adequacy and savings.

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REF 02951 QTY
Inner Pouch 3
Inner Box 150
Outer Carton ( Case ) 3600
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ~13